Zeiss Microscope

A leading name in the world of microscopes, Zeiss microscopes have long been at the forefront of technological development. Laden with superior imaging modules and software, Zeiss microscopes are used for diagnostics and dental treatments.

Why use a Zeiss microscope?

Top scientists have been using Zeiss microscopes, the best quality and most widely used microscopes, for over 150 years. We use Zeiss microscopes because they consistently deliver high performance that is both reliable and effective. They allow us to see details and fine structures that would be otherwise hard to find and therefore magnify the quality of our care in every aspect of dental treatment.

Why do dentists use microscopes?

The ability to magnify an image has revolutionized dentistry. Improved magnification and lighting enhance our visibility and therefore our diagnosis and treatment as well.

What are the benefits of using a Zeiss microscope?

  • New and improved next-level visualization—enables us to effectively detect tooth decay
  • Digital patient communication—provides you with information through an app
  • Single-handed operation—allows us to treat you comfortably and efficiently
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