Zeiss Cinemizer

At Murray Hill Dental, we are proud to offer to our patients new ways of creating comfortable, welcoming environments.Zeiss Cinemizer

One of the most effective and natural ways of putting patients at ease is through distraction, which can take the mind’s attention away from the sights and sounds of the dental office to a more calm and peaceful place.

Thanks to the Cinemizer OLED we are proud to say that our patients can now experience high quality 2D or 3D videos during most any procedure in a comfortable, convenient and immersive environment! The Cinemizer takes in-chair patient entertainment to an entirely new level. By offering patients the ability to view immersive 2D or 3D movies, TV shows, or other video content without leaving the treatment room.

This will help you feel relaxed and help you forget where you are, decreasing anxiety and stress and improving your experience here with us!

Patient using Zeiss