Dex Cam HDWe are very excited to introduce into our office the DEXcam™ 4 HD, a High Definition Intra-oral Video Camera!

DEXcam 4 HD represents the newest edition to the DEXIS family of imaging tools to serve the dental community. This intra-oral camera is used for diagnosis, education, and collaboration. The images from DEXcam 4 HD are clear and highly detailed.

Some of the camera highlights include:

  • 1.3-million pixel CMOS sensor delivers high-resolution images that remain clear and crisp
  • Precision 7-element glass optical lens produces exceptional image quality and helps prevent image distortion
  • Optimized to help ensure images maintain their natural color tones.

The DEXcam 4 HD Intra Oral Camera allows us to create immediate visual impact with high-definition images. These highly detailed show and tell photos, which remain clear even when enlarged, can increase patients’ understanding of your clinical findings and support treatment recommendations.

DEXcam 4 HD helps to create and keep a clear history of improvement or decline of the patient’s oral health over time for both dental and medical purposes.

Dex Cam