NEW! We can now spot tooth decay earlier…without pain and without radiation!

CarivuBy hugging the tooth and bathing it in safe, near-infrared light, CariVu’s transillumination technology makes the enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb the light. This unique caries detector allows the clinician to see through the tooth exposing its structure and the actual structure of any carious lesions with very high accuracy.

Similar in appearance, DEXIS CariVu images read like familiar X-ray images — lesions will appear as dark areas. This provides an edge over fluorescent imaging technologies in that there is no need to clean the tooth of bacteria, calibrate the device or become versed in the meaning of multiple color codes or numeric indicators.

CarivuFluorescence imagers bathe teeth in blue-purple light, while scanners aim yellow-red light directly onto the area. These units present an image with a range of colors, or they display a number correlated to a degree of demineralization. The exam is painless and simple. CariVu can be safely used on everyone as often as needed, and because it uses no x-rays, it’s especially beneficial for kids, pregnant women and others who want to avoid radiation.