Ezlase Dental Laser New York, NY

A frontrunner in highly advanced forms of modern technology, Dr. Katayev regularly implements laser dentistry, specifically the ezlase dental laser. Our highly trained staff and commitment to using the latest procedures ensure you receive the next level of dental experience. We are prepared to help you achieve your oral health goals with the most advanced treatments available today.

What are ezlase dental lasers?

Ezlase dental lasers are an advanced laser technology used to treat gums and other soft tissue in your mouth. We use the ezlase pen-sized handpiece to perform minor oral surgery and gum treatments.

How does ezlase work?

The ezlase creates a highly concentrated light energy that interacts with the precise area in question. The laser energy is sent through an optical fiber to a handpiece and used to safely and comfortably treat gums or other soft tissues.

Are they safe?

Developed by Biolase technology, the number one dental laser company, the ezlase laser system is one of the most advanced, safest, and most effective dental instruments available today. Biolase has over 20 years of experience and has treated millions of patients.

What procedures is the ezlase laser used for?

We use the ezlase laser system to improve gummy smiles, remove oral growths or small tags, such as papillomas and fibromas, prevent gum recession, fix tongue-tie, treat gum disease, and relieve pain caused by cold sores and fever blisters.

Why ezlase laser treatment?

Ezlase laser treatment allows us to forgo the traditional methods of surgery that require a scalpel and stitches for more comfortable treatments.

  • Less bleeding
  • Faster healing
  • Greater comfort
  • Better results overall

This cutting-edge technology allows for comfortable, precise, and efficient dental care.

If you have any questions about Ezlase Dental Lasers or the other services we provide at Murray Hill Dental PC, please call us at New York Office Phone Number 212-905-0081.