Anatomage 3D

What is Anatomage 3D?

Anatomage 3D is a guided surgery solution with advanced 3D imaging software and surgical guides.

What is guided surgery?

Guided surgery is a technique in which we use surgical guides that we’ve made ahead of time with scans of the mouth to ensure consistent, predictable results.

What is a surgical guide?

A surgical guide is a device that we create using an intraoral scan to gather impressions and 3D digital imaging of your mouth. We use the clinical records of your oral anatomy and our special software to fabricate the exact surfaces of your intraoral setting. This assists us in drilling implants into the bone with unparalleled accuracy.

What dental service is 3D Anatomage used for?

We use 3D Anatomage to aid in the placement of dental implants. The advanced software helps us achieve accurate placement for tooth replacement that is durable and long-lasting.

Why Anatomage 3D?

At Murray Hill Dental PC, we remain ahead of the curve as we implement a vast array of software and hardware tools that enable us to diagnose your scan in 3D. Anatomage has been providing the most cutting-edge software for dental specialists like us for over 10 years.

Industry Leader

Over 10,000 doctors have been successful using this reputable 3D dental application.

High Quality

Anatomage 3D drives high volume production with unsurpassed accuracy.

Patient Care

The intricate guides use high-end materials to enhance patient care, making guided surgery the standard in care at our practice.

If you have any questions about Anatomage 3D or the other services we provide at Murray Hill Dental PC, please call us at New York Office Phone Number 212-905-0081.